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 Progressive die stamping
 West Coast Metal Stamping


West Coast Metal Stamping is a state of the art metal stamper providing high quality, on-time metal products and excellent customer service.

West Coast Metal Stamping management and our entire workforce are dedicated to building successful relationships with our customers and employees through continual improvements in the management of the quality system to better satisfy our customers.
To merit a position of leadership in the progressive die stamping industry, we continually strive to understand customer needs and use our engineering expertise to meet and exceed expectations.


West Coast Metal Stamping, founded in 1990, and B&J Tool and Die, started in 1964, merged to form one large metal stamping facility in 1992. Despite the fact that corporate name was West Coast Metal Stamping, the newly formed organization was doing business as B&J Tool and Die Inc., which had a larger customer base and owned a 20,000 square foot building in Anaheim, California at the time of merger.

In 1997, the company moved into its current 58,000 square foot facility, which was chosen for its high ceiling, multiple loading doors, 70,000 square foot paved yard, and easy access for loading and unloading trucks inside our fenced yard. Also, the land has enough yard space to expand the current building by 9,000 square feet, if we choose to do so in the future. Inside the building we have 36 punch presses to 200 tons, engineering, quality assurance, fully equipped tool room, inventory warehouse, shipping and receiving, and all administration offices.

Although the organization has been designing and manufacturing class “A” progressive dies and stamping tools since inception, in 2007, management decided to emphasize our company profile as a metal stamper rather than a tool and die shop. Consequently, we took back our corporation identity and proudly became West Coast Metal Stamping, Inc.