Special Services

 Special services
 Tool analysis for metal stamped parts


  • Material Selection and Metallurgical Analysis
  • Transition Machined Parts into Stamped Parts
  • Design for Manufacturability; Design Optimization; Stress Analysis; FEA
  • Design Analysis (House of Quality)
  • Six Sigma Projects (Cause and Effect Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, t-Student, risk analysis, etc.)
  • Tooling Analysis
  • Tooling Improvement


  • Quality Planning
  • Preproduction Part Approval (PPAP)
  • Design and Manufacturing of Custom Gauging Systems (.0002”)


  • Tool Maintenance (mostly for actual customers)


  • Assembly
  • PEM Nuts Installation
  • Tapping
  • Wire EDM
  • CNC Machining
  • MIG Automated Welding

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